Getting on the guest list means adding your name to the venue’s internal list of people who may receive some form of preferred treatment (over general admission).  Examples of preferred treatment may include:

  • Free or reduced entry for ladies (until a certain time).
  • Reduced entry for guys (until a certain time).
  • Discounted drink tickets (until a certain time, ladies only)

All female groups, or groups with an equal (or better) female to male ratio.  If your group is all male (or more male than female), check out our bottle service guide to see your best options.

Go to our club guide and sign yourself up.  This is a complimentary service we provide to anyone who meets the requirements set by the venue.  Your request is sent directly to a guest list host.  The host will contact you to confirm your eligibility for guest list and provide instructions for arrival and check-in.

Guest list is usually available any day the venue is open, with exceptions for holidays & special events.  Ultimately, the venue reserves all rights and can change or cancel the guestlist at anytime.

No.  Guest lists have rules, time restrictions, and can involve long lines.  As with any venue, the doormen and management have final say over who gets in.  Just make sure you’re in dress code, on time, and not causing any kind of disturbance (being confrontational with the door staff) and you should be good to go.

Ohh, you betcha!  Guest list lines can be hours long (sometimes longer than general admission).  Don't feel like waiting in line?  Check out our bottle service guide and leave the lines for....(insert your own creative reference here).