Wearing the right outfit to a Vegas nightclub can be the determining factor whether you’re allowed inside or whether you’re left high and dry outside at the ropes. Las Vegas nightclub dress codes aren’t an exact science, but if you follow our tips you’ll be looking good and on your way to having a great night.

Attire That Never Works

Attire That Always Works

Attire that always works

Ladies Nightclub Dress Code Attire

Ladies, you will have the most fun when you feel comfortable in your outfit choice.  If that means a short, glittery cocktail dress with 5-inch stilettos then great! If you feel more comfortable in trendy jeans with a cute crop top and a more modest heel height that’s great too!  The key is to dress confidently knowing you will be walking through a large casino to get to the nightclub, possibly standing in a line outside or inside the venue, and lastly dancing the night away! The fun can come to a screeching halt if your feet are aching from those new booties you haven’t broken in yet or if you’re constantly adjusting that ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’ mini skirt that keeps riding up.  We’ve all either witnessed or experienced the ‘barefoot walk out of the club while holding your heels’ faux pas, which is unsanitary & dangerous because you could step on glass. So, to avoid any possible mishaps like that, dress for success by wearing your version of cute, hot, beautiful, whatever you want to call it!  Just make sure you feel confident, comfortable and ready for a long, fun-filled night!  


Men's Nightclub Dress Code Attire

Guys, all Vegas nightclubs call for “upscale casual” attire, which can seem broad and ambiguous, but a general rule is that you’ll want to wear well-fitting, clean, on-trend clothing. Sports and athletic attire is never allowed.

Once you’re at the ropes keep in mind that two guys wearing similar attire can sometimes receive different reactions from the door staff.  This is just the way Vegas nightclubs are and please do not take anything personally or cause a scene. That similarly dressed guy who just walked into the club without an issue could be a high-rolling gambler, a friend of the venue staff or even the club owner, so just know that sometimes dress code rules can bend for certain people.  Again, it’s nothing personal.

Please note that not all nightclubs adhere to the exact same dress code Do’s & Don’ts.  It’s up to each nightclubs’ door staff whether your outfit choice gets the green light or not. So, if you’re unsure about a certain pair of shoes, for example, then play it safe and go with a pair of leather dress shoes that you know will work.  It’s not worth the risk of being held at the door while your friends are let inside. If you do end up being held at the door, the BEST thing you can do is be polite and keep your cool. Copping an attitude will not get you anywhere except escorted away from the venue and possibly even banned.

Are Hats Allowed in Las Vegas Nightclubs?

Baseball caps and other athletic headwear are not allowed, however, certain street-style hats may be allowed.  Some examples of case-by-case acceptable hats are: fedoras, berets, cowboy hats, and “newsboy” hats. Ultimately, it’s up to the venue door staff.

Are Sunglasses Allowed in Las Vegas Nightclubs?

Sunglasses are allowed into the venue, however, it’s best for everyone if you just leave them in the room. For real.

Are T-Shirts Allowed in Las Vegas Nightclubs?

T-Shirts with offensive language or images are never allowed, but an on-trend, well-fitting t-shirt under a sport coat, for example, is ok. T-shirts are a bit of a gray area, it really comes down to how the rest of your outfit is styled.  You’ll want to make sure the casual nature of a t-shirt is balanced out with more upscale shoes, slacks or trousers, and a jacket. If you don’t know whether your t-shirt will make the cut, just go with a collared shirt.

Are Jeans Allowed in Las Vegas Nightclubs?

Jeans are allowed, but they should be free from holes and should not be baggy.