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Getting bottle service means purchasing a private table area at a nightclub or pool party.  It can also be referred to as table service.

It's easy!  If you've already chosen a venue, simply go to our club guide and sign up directly from the venue's page.

Need some help finding the right place?  Want to compare all venues and options?  We've got you covered.  Just fill out this form and an Excess VIP host will contact you to assist with the entire process.

Yes!  If you’re a group of guys, getting a table is definitely the way to go.  Without a table you wait in line to get in, there is nowhere to sit, you wait in line for drinks, you wait in line for bathrooms, there's limited space to stand and socialize, etc.

Ladies can get on the guestlist (but still have to wait in line).  Once inside, it's possible that you will be invited to join another group’s table area; but if you want to have your own space, getting a table is the only option.

Venues in Las Vegas are designed to cater to bottle service.

  • Getting bottle service has a starting price of ~$150-$250+ per person (may be less for all female groups).
  • Prices vary based on table location and fluctuate with demand.  
  • Premium tables can be larger and closer to the dance floor & stage.
Example Table Price Tax/Grat

Table Fee

Total Price
Standard Table $500 $181 $0 $680
Premium Table $500 $181 $100 $780





 Table fees are explained in the next section.

  • Bottle prices vary by venue.  Gold (small to medium size) venues typically price their bottles at $500 or less, while Platinum venues start at $600+.  This table illustrates bottle pricing by venue.

Bottle Price

(1 Liter)

Gold 1OAK/Bank/Chateau/LIGHT $500 or less




  • Bottle prices can increase by $100 or more for holidays and special events.  
  • The general rule for clubs and pools is a minimum of one bottle is required for every three to four guys at the table.
  • Table fees are premiums paid for preferred seating locations.  Table fees do not count towards your menu credit (table minimum), they are just a tip that is paid for certain table locations.
  • Example:  A table priced as $1k+$200 means that you get a $1k menu credit, and then must tip an extra $200 to sit in that section.
  • Tables fees are also referred to as handshakes, or shakes.

If you'd like to add additional guests to your table but are maxed out on tickets, you will need to increase your table minimum (purchase additional bottles) or have the add-ons pay admission.  Your host can help additional guests through the line.

The table area is yours to keep for the night.

The only way you could be asked to leave your table is if you completely finish your bottles early in the night and then stick around, not ordering anymore drinks.  If it happened on a busy night, the club could ask you to either buy more drinks or leave the table so it can be resold.